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Expert Personal Training, Group Fitness & Online TRAINING Programs

  • Be Empowered: Reach your full potential by combining personal training with independent exercise plans and check-in calls between sessions.
  • Be Motivated: Qualified professional trainers guide you through your workout – ensuring correct technique, motivation and accountability every session.
  • Be Healthy: Personalised Fitness and nutrition plans to define and achieve your health goals and objectives.

Take control of your health and fitness with a supportive professional at your side

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Personal Training – The Next Step On Your Fitness Journey

  • Feeling stuck in a fitness routine rut that is no longer providing results?
  • Looking for someone to correct your technique and hold you accountable?
  • Love working hard and playing hard? 
  • Prepared to put in the hard work to get fast results?

At Build Athletic we pride ourselves in taking you to the next level of fitness wherever you are now. We can support you with everything from injury management to sports conditioning and everything in between. Sometimes we even make it fun.


Are you ready to take the next step on your fitness journey?


1:1 PT | Group Fitness | Online Personal Training

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1:1 with a personal trainer in Caulfield South, Melbourne

Everyone can benefit from a little 1:1 every now and then, but most of our clients keep coming back for more. Jordan, our Caulfield South personal trainer and Build Athletic’s Founder will keep fitness fun and interesting with a workout plan just for you. Working together, you will feel empowered to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

Are you all in for your personal fitness?

Group Fitness Sessions

Exercising with friends could offer you the perfect combination of fun and challenge you are look for. Still, under the guidance of head trainer Jordan, you’ll be taken through a group fitness program that combines strength and conditioning, cardio, body weight exercises, abs and stretching. Each group fitness session is unique and designed to make you leave feeling great.

Want to find your training tribe?

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Virtual PT | Fitness Programming

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Online Coaching – Australia Wide

Build Athletic is not just a home PT studio! With our online coaching programs, you train independently, but know we are supporting for you from only a phone call or direct message away. Choose a 4, 8 or 12-week program to suit your goals or take your training to the next level with ongoing online coaching. We discuss your fitness goals and create a program for you to follow on your time when it suits you. Each week we connect for questions and feedback and to tweak your program as you progress. 

Need a fitness coach for accountability?

Your Training – Your Choice

In Person (Caulfield South, VIC) OR Online (Australia Wide)

At Build Athletic, we work with you to create a program that meets your personal goals and objectives. We offer 1:1 person training at times that suit your calendar, remote coaching, or training program design only to support you on an independent fitness journey that fits your budget. 

We believe everyone has a right to live their best life, and that starts with feeling great in your body. 

All our training programs are designed to bring some fun and challenge back to exercise to achieve the results you want. Exercise should never feel like a chore.

Are you ready to commit to your health and fitness?


4-Week Foundational Programming | 8-Week Training Programs | Full Gym Programming

4-week ReviveFIT© Program


Already love working out? Know your way around the gym or have some equipment at home? Rebuild your fitness confidence and create the platform for even bigger goals with our 4-week ReviveFIT© Program which includes;

  • 4-week program (12 workouts)
  • Full Access to online training via the Everfit App including instructional videos and thorough guidance on set up, method and form
  • Guidance: “Sustainable Vitality Fundamentals” Quick Reference Guide
  • Find Your Tribe: Invitation to the community group forum
  • Minimal Equipment Required – 2 light Dumbbells, 2 heavy Dumbbells, a gym mat (plus optional bench)

Upgrade to the next level after 4 weeks, or keep going on your own. The choice is ultimately yours. (Includes a check-in at the 2 week mark).

Simplify your training program WITH A SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED 4-week workout plan.

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Build Athletic Everfit

8-week ThriveSTRNG© Program


You’ve had some experience with training or in the gym before or you may have even completed my ReviveFIT© Program, or perhaps you haven’t exercised for a while due to other commitments. If you’re looking to get back into it and want to make health, fitness and wellness a part of your regular routine my ThriveSTRNG© Program will help you build on your existing foundation to take your training and fitness further.

My 8-week ThriveSTRNG© Program includes;
  • 8-week program (26 workouts)
  • Full Access to online training via the Everfit App including instructional videos and thorough guidance on set up, method and form
  • Accountability + Support: Fortnightly Check In With Head Coach
  • Guidance: “Sustainable Vitality Fundamentals” eBook
  • Find Your Tribe: Invitation to the community group forum
  • PLEASE NOTE: Full Access To A Gym Is Required And Not Included

Are you ready to feel stronger, fitter, healthier and see your results building week on week?

Gym Programming

For commercial gyms and fitness centres

Functional fitness program design and training for existing coaches. Let us design a program to align with gym or centre modalities and styles. We can even train your coaches in program delivery. 

Would your clients like a functional training system that’s different from the big players?

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All our programs, including 4-week workout plans and 8-week body transformations will yield results rewarding the effort you put in.

Personal Training Goals For Life

Your fitness goals and objectives are uniquely your own. Some common personal training goals we often work towards include:

Reduce body fat
Increase muscle tone
Manage stress
Increase fitness levels
Rehabilitate after injury
Sports conditioning to improve your game

Or your goal might look more like these:

Have an injury-free ski season
Look great on my wedding day
Unwind from my corporate desk job
Get back on track after a knee reconstruction
Run a six-minute mile
Develop accountability
Level up your training

Whether your goals are short-term or lifelong, Build Athletic’s Caulfield South personal training studio or online fitness coaching can help you cross them off your list one (or more) at a time.


A Personal Trainer In Caulfield South That You Can Trust

“Hi! I’m Jordan,

My goal is to equip people to take their health and fitness into their own hands – rather than rely on whichever expert or guru is in fashion. Fitness, strength, mobility and self-care becomes part of their everyday human practice.

They are empowered to navigate their way to long-term, sustainable results as fast as possible while filtering out the misinformation that tends to bombard us all.

Through my training approach and unique programming I support people who want to change their health and fitness, and who want to learn how to get better forever.

Manage your own body rather than relying on physios or rehab. Continue to do all the things you love in life by incorporating the simple practices that make physical fitness and health sustainable.

Together, we will build the toolbox and the knowledge base that you will benefit from for life.”

Build Athletic Founder & Head Trainer
Build Athletic Founder & Head Trainer
Build Athletic Jordan Bender Personal Trainer
  • We believe in and follow our own advice 
  • We honour all our contracts and appointments
  • We keep your information private
  • We are honest about our qualifications, education and certifications and conduct ourselves professionally at all engagements.

The Build Athletic Story

Build Athletic’s founder Jordan Bender has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. You might know him from the Schwartz’s CrossFit or Elite Fitness communities and his success at both The CrossFit Regionals and The World CrossFit Games spanning over 8 years. 

Build Athletic is Jordan’s way of sharing what he has learnt. He believes your body is a tool towards a lifelong game of health and fitness that should be about performance and steady improvement. He would love nothing more than to empower all his clients to look after their body in a way that keeps them pain free, strong, mobile, and able to do all the things they love to do.

Jordan has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years
Jordan has been in the fitness industry for over 15 years

One of the greatest moments in life is realising that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did.


Caulfield South PT Studio PLUS Online Fitness Coaching

We believe limits are there to be expanded upon, so we don’t let a little thing like geography stop us from helping you on your fitness journey.

We offer 1:1 and Group in-person personal training from our home fitness studio in Caulfield South, with PT clients travelling from surrounding areas such as Mentone and South Melbourne.

Prefer Online Fitness Coaching? All good; we offer the same high-quality expert, personalised personal training service and nutritional coaching online as offered in person.

Try us for yourself.

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